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Catalogue POP – Notice individuelle de publication

Beisker Wolfgang, Assafin Marcelo, Braga-Ribas F., Widemann Thomas, Sicardy Bruno, Bath Karl Ludwig, Bode H.-J., Tegtmeyer A., Schnabel C., Casas R., Lecacheux Jean, Colas François, Kowollik S., Bredner E., Heidmann C. P., Gaehrken B., Dähne M., Denzau H., Mommert Michael, Guenther Eike, Stecklum Bringfried, Rengel Miriam, Mugrauer M., Vilenius Esa, Herald Dave, Farago O., Eberle A., Rutten H., Behrend Raoul, Mottola Stefano

Observations of Stellar Occultations by Dwarf Planets and TNOs - International Campaigns

In EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011, October 1, 20112011, pp. 1244

Référence ADS : 2011epsc.conf.1244B

Résumé :

Observations of stellar occultation by dwarf planets and TNOs are a powerful possiblity, to gain scientific data about these objects. This includes a precise information about their shapes and the determination of a possible atmosphere. Small to medium sized telescopes, either at fixed sites or mobile ones, equipped with cameras with integrating video or digital read out and precise timing circuitry as well are necessary. High precise astrometry beforehand (last minute astrometry) is very often the only way to minimize negative results. A strong cooperation between amateur- and professional astronomers is needed for successful campaigns. Results of observation campaigns for (50000) Quaoar, Pluto and Triton will be presented.

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