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Arlot Jean-Eudes, Robert Vincent, Lainey Valéry, Neiner Coralie, Thouvenin Nicolas

New Astronomical Reduction of Old Observations (the NAROO project)

In IAU Symposium, April 1, 20182018, vol. 330, pp. 83-84

Référence ADS : 2018IAUS..330...83A

Résumé :

The Gaia astrometric reference catalogue will provide star proper motions with an accuracy of one mas one century ago for stars of magnitude 14 or brighter. Our project is to re-reduced the old observations with the new catalogue allowing to have an astrometric accuracy only limited by the observational biases and not by reference stars. Then, we plan to get an accuracy of 50 mas where the old reductions were not better than 500 mas!

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