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Encrenaz Thérèse, Greathouse Thomas K., Widemann Thomas, Bézard Bruno, Fouchet Thierry, Atreya Sushil K., Sagawa Hideo

Ground-based thermal mapping on Venus: temperature fields and variations of SO2 and HDO

European Planetary Science Congress 2017, 2017, vol. 11

Référence ADS : 2017EPSC...11..167E

Résumé :

As a continuation of our ground-based thermal imaging campaign of Venus, we have been mapping Venus in December 2016 and January 2017 to monitor the behaviour of SO2 and H2O (through its proxy HDO). The SO2 mixing ratio was at its maximum since 2012. As during our previous runs, short-term variations of SO2 (with a timescale of a few hours) were observed. There is still no evidence for a correlation or an anti-correlation between SO2 and HDO. The thermal maps might show some correlation with the topography, but this remains to be confirmed with further observations.

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