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Kalinichenko Nikolay Nikolaevich, Olyak M. R., Konovalenko Alexander A., Fallows R. A., Zarka Philippe, Rucker Helmut O., Lecacheux Alain, Bubnov I. N., Yerin S. N., Brazhenko A. I., Ivantishin O. L., Koshovy V. V., Litvinenko O. A.

The investigations of the solar wind beyond Earth's orbit by IPS observations at decameter wavelengths: Present state and perspectives

Planetary Radio Emissions VIII, 2017, pp. 479-486

Référence DOI : 10.1553/PRE8s479
Référence ADS : 2017pre8.conf..479K

Résumé :

The present state of solar wind investigations by IPS (interplanetary scintillations) observations at decameter wavelengths is discussed. Radio telescopes, equipment and methods which are used in these experiments are shown. We also describe some interesting results devoted to the long term monitoring of the solar wind beyond Earth's orbit, the detection of the large scale disturbances associated with active processes at the Sun and the reconstructions of the solar wind stream structure. Emphasis is placed on perspectives of low frequency IPS investigations which are particularly connected with the creation of the Giant Ukrainian Radio Telescopes (GURT) and UTR-2 - URAN - GURT - LOFAR collaboration.

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