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Leblanc François, Langlais B., Fouchet Thierry, Barabash Stas, Breuer D., Chassefière Eric, Coates A. J., Dehant Véronique, Forget François, Lammer Helmut, Lewis S., Lopez-Valverde Miguel, Mandéa M., Menvielle M., Pais A., Päetzold Martin, Read P., Sotin Christophe, Tarits P., Vennerstrom Susanne

Mars Environment and Magnetic Orbiter Scientific and Measurement Objectives

Astrobiology, 2009, vol. 9, pp. 71-89

Référence DOI : 10.1089/ast.2007.0222
Référence ADS : 2009AsBio...9...71L

Résumé :

In this paper, we summarize our present understanding of Mars' atmosphere, magnetic field, and surface and address past evolution of these features. Key scientific questions concerning Mars' surface, atmosphere, and magnetic field, along with the planet's interaction with solar wind, are discussed. We also define what key parameters and measurements should be performed and the main characteristics of a martian mission that would help to provide answers to these questions.

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