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Catalogue POP – Notice individuelle de publication

Goupil Marie-José

Concluding remarks and perspectives on the evolution and seismic tools activity (ESTA) of the CoRoT community

Astrophysics and Space Science, 2008, vol. 316, pp. 251-261

Référence DOI : 10.1007/s10509-008-9840-5
Référence ADS : 2008Ap&SS.316..251G

Résumé :

A first part gives a summary of the main conclusions stemmed from the different comparisons reported in this book. One main conclusion is: with some care in the computations, one is able to obtain frequency differences between different computations which are smaller than required by Corot challenges. This is true for high frequency modes. Small frequency differences are much less easily obtained for low frequencies around the fundamental radial mode frequency. Care here means: having the same physics, same constants of physics, same input stellar parameters, computing models and oscillations with enough self numerical consistent accuracy. The ESTA group has built reference grids of models and associated oscillation frequencies and made them available to the community. In a second part of the present paper, a study case is considered in order to show the need and the use of such reference grids. Finally some perspectives concerning the remaining tasks are suggested.

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