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Costa José Eduardo, Michel Eric, Peña J., Creevey Orlagh L., Li Z.-P., Chevreton Michel, Belmonte J. A., Alvarez M., Fox Machado L., Parrao L., Pérez Hernéndez F., Fernandez Andrée, Fremy Jean-René, Pau Sylvain, Alonso Roi

Pulsational frequencies of the eclipsing delta Scuti star <ASTROBJ>HD 172189</ASTROBJ>. Results of the STEPHI XIII campaign

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2007, vol. 468, pp. 637-642

Référence ADS : 2007A&A...468..637C

Résumé :

Context: The eclipsing delta Scuti star HD 172189 is a probable member of the open cluster IC 4756 and a promising candidate target for the CoRoT mission. <BR />Aims: The detection of pulsation modes is the first step in the asteroseismological study of the star. Further, the calculation of the orbital parameters of the binary system allows us to make a dynamical determination of the mass of the star, which works as an important constraint to test and calibrate the asteroseismological models. <BR />Methods: We performed a detailed frequency analysis of 210 hours of photometric data of HD 172189 obtained from the STEPHI XIII campaign. <BR />Results: We have identified six pulsation frequencies with a confidence level of 99% and a seventh with a 65% confidence level of 65%, in the range between 100-300 muHz. In addiction, three eclipses were observed during the campaign, allowing us to improve the determination of the orbital period of the system.

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