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Vourlidas Angelos, Pick Monique, Hoang Sang, Démoulin Pascal

Erratum: ``Identification of a Peculiar Radio Source in the Aftermath of Large Coronal Mass Ejection Events'' (ApJ, 656, L105 [2007])

The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 2007, vol. 665, pp. L179-L179

Référence ADS : 2007ApJ...665L.179V

Résumé :

In our recent Letter (A. Vourlidas et al. [<A href="/abs/2007ApJ...656L.105V">ApJ, 656, L105 [2007]</A>], hereafter Paper I), we determined the azimuth and elevation of our radio source with a direction-finding algorithm (Paper I, Fig. 4) assuming that the source emission dominates over the galactic background. This is generally true for type III emissions that are mainly used for these analyses. However, this condition does not necessarily hold for weaker emissions such as the broadband continuum source in our Letter. As the source intensity decreases to near the Galactic background level, the source direction shifts toward the direction of the Galactic center. It is therefore important to subtract the background before deriving source directions, which we did not do in Paper I. This correction has now been applied to the WIND WAVES data reported in Figure 4 of Paper I. As a result, there is no more significant drift in the source elevation or azimuth. The radio continuum source remains along the ecliptic plane as do other radio bursts observed in association with this coronal mass ejection (CME) event.

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