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Di Prisco A., Herrera L., Le Denmat Gérard, MacCallum M. A. H., Santos Nilton O.

Nonadiabatic charged spherical gravitational collapse

Physical Review. D, 2007, vol. 76, pp. 64017

Référence DOI : 10.1103/PhysRevD.76.064017
Référence ADS : 2007PhRvD..76f4017D

Résumé :

We present a complete set of the equations and matching conditions required for the description of physically meaningful charged, dissipative, spherically symmetric gravitational collapse with shear. Dissipation is described with both free-streaming and diffusion approximations. The effects of viscosity are also taken into account. The roles of different terms in the dynamical equation are analyzed in detail. The dynamical equation is coupled to a causal transport equation in the context of Israel-Stewart theory. The decrease of the inertial mass density of the fluid, by a factor which depends on its internal thermodynamic state, is reobtained, with the viscosity terms included. In accordance with the equivalence principle, the same decrease factor is obtained for the gravitational force term. The effect of the electric charge on the relation between the Weyl tensor and the inhomogeneity of the energy density is discussed.

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