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Ardouin Daniel, Bellétoile A., Charrier Didier, Dallier R., Denis Laurent, Eschstruth P., Gousset T., Haddad F., Lamblin J., Lautridou P., Lecacheux Alain, Monnier-Ragaigne Delphine, Rahmani A., Ravel O.

Radiodetection of Cosmic Ray Extensive Air Showers:. Upgrade of the Codalema Experiment

International Journal of Modern Physics A, 2005, vol. 20, pp. 6869-6871

Référence DOI : 10.1142/S0217751X0503034X
Référence ADS : 2005IJMPA..20.6869A

Résumé :

We present the characteristics and performance of a demonstration experiment devoted to the observation of ultra high-energy cosmic ray extensive air showers using a radiodetection technique. In a first step, one antenna narrowed band filtered acting as trigger, with a 4sigma threshold above sky background-level, was used to tag any radio transient in coincidence on the antenna array. Recently, the addition of 4 particle detectors has allowed us to observe cosmic ray events in coincidence with antennas.

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