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Kunde Virgil G., Flasar Michael, Jennings Donald E., Bézard Bruno, Strobel Darell, Conrath Barney J., Nixon Conor A., Bjoraker Gordon L., Romani Paul N., Achterberg Richard K., Simon-Miller Amy A., Irwin Patrick G. J., Brasunas J. C., Pearl John C., Smith M. D., Orton Glenn S., Gierasch Peter J., Spilker Linda J., Carlson Ronald C., Mamoutkine Andrei, Calcutt Simon B., Read Peter L., Taylor Frederic W., Fouchet Thierry, Parrish Paul David, Barucci Maria Antonella, Courtin Régis, Coustenis Athéna, Gautier Daniel, Lellouch Emmanuel, Marten André, Prangé Renée, Biraud Yvon, Ferrari C., Owen Tobias C., Abbas Mian M., Samuelson Robert E., Raulin François, Ade Peter A., Cesarsky Catherine J., Grossman K. U., Coradini Angioletta

Jupiter's Atmospheric Composition from the Cassini Thermal Infrared Spectroscopy Experiment

Science, 2004, vol. 305, pp. 1582-1587

Référence DOI : 10.1126/science.1100240
Référence ADS : 2004Sci...305.1582K

Résumé :

The Composite Infrared Spectrometer observed Jupiter in the thermal infrared during the swing-by of the Cassini spacecraft. Results include the detection of two new stratospheric species, the methyl radical and diacetylene, gaseous species present in the north and south auroral infrared hot spots; determination of the variations with latitude of acetylene and ethane, the latter a tracer of atmospheric motion; observations of unexpected spatial distributions of carbon dioxide and hydrogen cyanide, both considered to be products of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacts; characterization of the morphology of the auroral infrared hot spot acetylene emission; and a new evaluation of the energetics of the northern auroral infrared hot spot.

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