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Calibration of the cosmological distance scale (ERC AdG “CepBin”)

Missions We advertise a postdoctoral research position to work on the measurement of the Hubble constant H0, using Cepheids and other standard candles, within the framework of the ERC Advanced Grant “CepBin” (2016-2021)(2016-2021, PI: G. Pietrzynski)(2016-2021, PI: G. Pietrzynski).
Activités Our international collaboration recently established the distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud to an accuracy of 1% using eclipsing binaries as distance calibrators. Based on this solid reference, we are assembling a high precision calibration of Cepheids and other variable stars as distance indicators. The researcher will take advantage of the second Gaia Data Release (GDR2, April 2018) and subsequently of the GDR3 (expected in 2020) to improve the local calibration of these standard candles. They will analyze archival HST data
sets, as well as new observations, to revisit the distance to host galaxies of Type la supernovae. The objective of our project is to verify the distance scale of Type la supernovae and determine the value of H0.
Compétences A PhD in Physics or Astrophysics is required, and the applicant is expected to have excellent written and verbal communication skills. The ideal candidate should be familiar with the analysis of different types of observational data sets at multiple wavelengths. Previous experience with variable stars, analysis of large data sets or observational cosmology are all highly desirable.
Nom du contact Pierre KERVELLA
Email pierre.kervella@obspm.fr
Téléphone 0145077966
Type de contrat Postdoctoral position at Paris Observatory (LESIA)
Durée three years
Date d'embauche between September and November 2018
Salaire salary based on experience (2600€/3962€)
Modalités The applicants are invited to send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, brief statement of research interests with links to recent publications, and names/contact information of two referees to the following email address :

The applications should ideally be received by 31 July 2018, and will be considered until the position is filled.

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