The pre-registration is required in order to participate to the SW12 conference.
It allows you to submit abstracts (this is too late now) and to registrate for fee payment. Please fill in the following form and click the "Pre-register" button at the bottom of the page. Then you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Pre-registration form

I plan to participate to the "SOLAR WIND 12" conference and here are my coordinates:

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Please let us know your plan about your registration fee payment method, by selecting the following appropriate buttons.

You may click here for further information about the registration fee.

I plan to pay the registration fee
online with a credit card (480€)
on my arrival at the conference (480 € with credit card only, no cash can be accepted)

(sends the form to the LOC, after asking for confirmation)

Note: Of course you may change your mind about your registration payment method, but please don't pre-register again for that: The information you give us is used only for our early planning and is not a commitment on your part.