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Southern and Northern SKR phase systems
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Southern (S) and Northern (N) SKR periods/phases datasets
Data described in [12] are available below in standard text files (see below), from 2004 to 2010.
Each dataset includes time series with 3 minutes resolution of:
- time in DOY (1 Jan. 2004 = DOY 1);
- S and N SKR periods (see Figure 1);
- S and N phase systems (in which S and N SKR maxima peak about 0, see Figure 3);
- S and N phase drifts (giving the variation of the SKR rotational modulation with respect to arbitrary fixed period of 10.6h for N SKR and 10.7928h for S SKR, see Figure 2).
Data File Links
The files are compressed (.zip) text files. Please use the following links:
- full dataset 2004-2010 [9.7MB];
- year 2004 dataset [963kB];
- year 2005 dataset [1.4MB];
- year 2006 dataset [1.6MB];
- year 2007 dataset [1.6MB];
- year 2008 dataset [1.6MB];
- year 2009 dataset [1.6MB];
- year 2010 dataset [897kB];.
Data Use Policy
These data are freely available. For any questions/request on their use, please contact L. Lamy.
Although these systems are freely distributed, there is a significant amount of work behind their generation and development, as well as limitations explicited in the article introducing this dataset. Our preferred interaction would be to collaborate on studies which use these results. As a minimum, please include the following reference and acknowledgements in publications:
- L. Lamy (2010), Variability of southern and northern periodicities of Saturn Kilometric Radiation, Planetary Radio Emissions VII, Austrian Academy of Sciences press, Graz, 2010
- "SKR data were accessed through the Cassini/RPWS/HFR data server This facility was developed at Observatory of Paris/LESIA thanks to the support of CNRS and CNES institutes."
We kindly ask you to inform us of any publications and presentations using these results. It helps us to know how many people are concerned with these data and for what purpose.
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