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SAMP status: Not connected
The data are embeded into VOtables.
- SKR_phase_dataset_2004.xml: year 2004 dataset,
- SKR_phase_dataset_2005.xml: year 2005 dataset,
- SKR_phase_dataset_2006.xml: year 2006 dataset,
- SKR_phase_dataset_2007.xml: year 2007 dataset,
- SKR_phase_dataset_2008.xml: year 2008 dataset,
- SKR_phase_dataset_2009.xml: year 2009 dataset,
- SKR_phase_dataset_2010.xml: year 2010 dataset,
Note on SAMP
SAMP (Simple Application Messaging Protocol) is a protocol to share data between applications. You need a SAMP-enabled tool to which you will send the present data. You can download TOPCAT here. TOPCAT contains a SAMP hub (automatically started up together with TOPCAT), which is required for SAMP operation.

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