LESIA - Observatoire de Paris

MESPAL (test facilities, cleanrooms and AIT/AIV at LESIA)

Friday 21 September 2018

The MESPAL group is responsible for the maintenance of the test facilities and cleanrooms at the LESIA laboratory, and provides services for testing and calibrating various instruments as well as AIT/V activities.


MESPAL includes four activity domains of the LESIA laboratory: AIT/AIV activities, test facilities for AIT activities and cleanrooms:

  • AIT/AIV: Assembly, Integration and Tests/Verification for ground segment and space instruments as well as R&D activities.
  • Test facilities: various thermal vacuum testing facilities, for space environment simulations, and climatic chambers.
  • Solar instrumentation: the spectrograph of the solar tower, the spectroheliograph and the heliograph for the service for solar observations at LESIA
  • Cleanrooms: 10 clean rooms allocated over 250m², with cleanliness levels from ISO5 to ISO8, two cleanrooms are sterilizable for ‘Planetary Protection’.


  • Responsible: Jérôme Parisot
  • Employees: 9