Poster presentations

Posters J : Occultation results and projects
J1 Promise and Problems of Deploying Multiple Stations for Asteroidal and Outer Solar System Occultations D. Dunham
J2 An occultation by (2875) Lagerkvist in > 2018 - Two unexplained observations T. Haymes
J3 The International Astronomical Observatory (IAS) in Hakos/Namibia W. Beisker & K.-L. Bath
J4 Analysis of 31 stellar occultations by Centaur and Transneptunian Objects F. Rommel
J5 Grazing occultations by the Moon in Belgium R. Boninsegna
J6 Planetary and asteroidal occultations in Belgium R. Boninsegna
J7 Asteroidal Occultation Census D. Herald
Posters K : Occultation results and projects
K1 European location of occultation watchers attending ESOP ESOP
K2 Salvia Observatory T. Midavaine
K3 Jean-Marc Salomon telescope in Buthiers P. Barroy
K4 Dourbes Astronomical Observatory R. Boninsegna
K5 Dinastro Observatory J.-J. Castellani
K6 Freconrupt Observatory (67 France) P.Ditz
Posters L : Cameras and Time stamping setup
L1 Low cost setup for numerical camera L. Rousselot
L2 CHRONOFLASH, a simple device for asteroid occultation timing J.-Y. Prado
L3 TimeBox : A standard device for timing astronomical occultations C. Valencia
L4 Project DVTI Camera A. Schweizer & S. Meister
L5 A Fast Digital CCD Camera with Precise NTP Time Stamping (GPS) for the Linux Operation System W. Beisker
L6 Time-Stamp Verification with - SEXTA D. Gault & T. Barry
Exhibits M
M1 Unistellar eVscope system E. Arbouch
M2 QHY CCD products H. Qiu
M3 Cameras from Raptor Photonics O. Bernard
Others N
N1 Presentation of Observatoire Jean-Marc Salomon P. Barroy