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Catalogue POP pour l'année 2003

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Communication avec actes

Absil Olivier, Kaltenegger Lisa, Eiroa Carlos, Den Hartog Roland H., Gondoin Philippe, Wilhelm Rainer C., Fridlund Malcolm C. Can GENIE characterize debris disks around nearby stars?. In Earths: DARWIN/TPF and the Search for Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets. 2003, vol. 539, pp. 323-328.
Référence ADS : 2003ESASP.539..323A

Absil Olivier, Den Hartog Roland H., Erd C., Gondoin Philippe, Kaltenegger Lisa, Fridlund Malcolm C., Rando Nicola, Wilhelm Rainer C. GENIEsim: the GENIE simulation software. In Earths: DARWIN/TPF and the Search for Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets. 2003, vol. 539, pp. 317-321.
Référence ADS : 2003ESASP.539..317A

Absil Olivier. Configurations and Modulation Schemes Trade-off. In GENIE - DARWIN Workshop - Hunting for Planets. 2003, vol. 522, pp. 9.
Référence ADS : 2003ESASP.522E...9A

Absil Olivier, Coudé du Foresto Vincent. Influence of optical path delay control on a ground-based nulling interferometer. In Interferometry for Optical Astronomy II. Edited by Wesley A. Traub. Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 4838, pp. 636-643 (2003).. 2003, vol. 4838, pp. 636-643.
Référence ADS : 2003SPIE.4838..636A

Absil Olivier, Gondoin Philippe, Erd C., Fridlund Malcolm C., Den Hartog Roland H., Labadie Lucas, Rando Nicola. Candidate VLTI Configurations for the GENIE Nulling Experiment. In Scientific Frontiers in Research on Extrasolar Planets. 2003, vol. 294, pp. 557-560.
Référence ADS : 2003ASPC..294..557A

Aerts Conny, Lehmann H., Scuflaire Richard, Dupret Marc-Antoine, Briquet Maryline, De Ridder Joris, Thoul Anne. Mode Identification and Seismic Modelling of the Cep Star EN(16)Lac. In Asteroseismology Across the HR Diagram. 2003, pp. 493-496.
Référence ADS : 2003aahd.conf..493A

Aerts Conny, Cuypers J., Dupret Marc-Antoine, De Ridder Joris, Scuflaire Richard, Eyer Laurent. Photometric Mode Identification in the Two Doradus Stars HD 12901 and HD 48501. In Asteroseismology Across the HR Diagram. 2003, pp. 461-464.
Référence ADS : 2003aahd.conf..461A

Ageorges Nancy, Lenzen Rainer, Hartung Markus, Brandner Wolfgang, Gendron Éric, Moorwood Alan F. M., Lagrange Anne-Marie. Polarization with adaptive optics at ESO Very Large Telescope (Yepun). In Polarimetry in Astronomy. Edited by Silvano Fineschi . Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 4843, pp. 212-222 (2003).. 2003, vol. 4843, pp. 212-222.
Référence ADS : 2003SPIE.4843..212A

Alexandrova Olga, Trávnícek Pavel M., Mangeney André. 3D Hybrid Simulations of Finite Amplitude Alfven Wave Filamentation.. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2003, vol. 52, pp. 0582.
Référence ADS : 2003AGUFMSM52B0582A

Alexandrova Olga, Mangeney André, Maksimovic Milan. Filamentation instability of post shock finite amplitude Alfven waves. In EGS - AGU - EUG Joint Assembly, 6 - 11 April 2003, Nice, France. 2003, pp. 10880.
Référence ADS : 2003EAEJA....10880A