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Catalogue POP pour l'année 2002

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Communication avec actes

Abada-Simon Meil, Mouchet Martine, Casares J., Martínez-Pais I. G., Evans Aaron S., Eyres S. P. S., Fender Robert P., Garrington S. T., De Jager O. C., Kuno N., Matsuo H., De Martino Domitilla, Pooley Guy G., Ramsay G., Salama Alberto, Schulz B. First detection of the cataclysmic variable AE Aquarii in Near and Far Infra-Red with ISO. In SF2A-2002: Semaine de l'Astrophysique Francaise. 2002, pp. 497.
Référence ADS : 2002sf2a.conf..497A

Aboudarham Jean, Abada-Simon Meil. General characteristics of the flares of YZ CMi.. In SF2A-2002: Semaine de l'Astrophysique Francaise. 2002, pp. 499.
Référence ADS : 2002sf2a.conf..499A

Absil Olivier, Gondoin Philippe, Den Hartog Roland H., Erd C., Fridlund Malcolm C., Rando Nicola. The GENIE nulling experiment. In SF2A-2002: Semaine de l'Astrophysique Francaise. 2002, pp. 151.
Référence ADS : 2002sf2a.conf..151A

Amari Tahar, Luciani J. Helicity injection and redistribution during relaxation of solar/astrophysical plasmas. In 34th COSPAR Scientific Assembly. 2002, vol. 34, pp. 3036.
Référence ADS : 2002cosp...34E3036A

Anastasiadis Anastasios, Gontikakis C., Vilmer Nicole, Vlahos L. Particle acceleration and radiation in an evolving active region based on a Cellular Automaton (CA) model. In Solar Variability: From Core to Outer Frontiers. 2002, vol. 506, pp. 265-268.
Référence ADS : 2002ESASP.506..265A

Anastasiadis Anastasios, Gontikakis C., Vilmer Nicole, Vlahos L. Acceleration and radiation model of solar energetic particles in an evolving active region. In SOLMAG 2002. Proceedings of the Magnetic Coupling of the Solar Atmosphere Euroconference. 2002, vol. 505, pp. 337-340.
Référence ADS : 2002ESASP.505..337A

Anderson R. R., Matsumoto H., Hashimoto K., Kojima H., Nagano I., Kaiser Michael L., Bougeret Jean-Louis. GEOTAIL Observations of a Moving Type IV Solar Radio Burst, Type III Solar Radio Bursts, Type II Solar Radio Bursts, and Solar Wind and Magnetospheric Plasma Wave Emissions During the May 19-25 Solar Wind Event. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2002, vol. 72, pp. 03.
Référence ADS : 2002AGUFMSH72C..03A

Anderson R. R., Menietti J., Matsumoto H., Hashimoto K., Kojima H., Kaiser Michael L., Bougeret Jean-Louis, Steinberg Jean-Louis. Determining the Length of the Magnetotail From GEOTAIL, POLAR, and WIND Observations of Tapered Tail Low Frequency Bursts. AGU Spring Meeting Abstracts, 2002, vol. 22, pp. 06.
Référence ADS : 2002AGUSMSM22A..06A

André Michel, Désert Jean-Michel, Ehrenreich David, Ferlet Roger, Hébrard Guillaume, Lacour Sylvestre, Le Petit Franck, Leboutei V., Oliveira Cristina, Sonnentrucker Paule. Detection of the H<SUP>-</SUP> ion in the ISM with FUSE. In Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society. 2002, vol. 201, pp. 1179.
Référence ADS : 2002AAS...201.4709A

Antonello M., Masi M., Fulchignoni Marcello, Angrilli Francesco. Turbulent Flow around the Huygens Probe: A Comparison of Algebraic Reynolds Stress Models. In Fourth Symposium on Aerothermodynamics for Space Vehicles. 2002, vol. 487, pp. 545.
Référence ADS : 2002ESASP.487..545A