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Catalogue POP pour l'année 2007

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Communication avec actes

Dotto Elisabetta, Perna Davide, Barucci Maria Antonella, De Bergh Catherine, Doressoundiram Alain, Fornasier Sonia. Rotational Properties of Centaurs and KBOs. In AAS/Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting Abstracts. 2007, vol. 39.
Référence ADS : 2007DPS....39.3908D

Drossart Pierre, Piccioni Giuseppe, Lopez-Valverde Miguel, Gilli G., Coradini Angioletta, Bibring Jean-Pierre. Carbon Dioxide Non-LTE Emission In The Telluric Upper Atmospheres. In AAS/Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting Abstracts. 2007, vol. 39.
Référence ADS : 2007DPS....39.4506D

Dupret Marc-Antoine, Theado S., Böhm T., Goupil Marie-José, Catala Claude, Grigahcène A. Asteroseismology and mode driving of the Herbig Ae star HD 104237. Communications in Asteroseismology, 2007, vol. 150, pp. 59.
Référence DOI : 10.1553/cia150s59
Référence ADS : 2007CoAst.150...59D

Dupret Marc-Antoine, Miglio Andrea, Grigahcène A., Montalbán Josefina. Theoretical aspects of g-mode pulsations in gamma Doradus stars. Communications in Asteroseismology, 2007, vol. 150, pp. 98.
Référence DOI : 10.1553/cia150s98
Référence ADS : 2007CoAst.150...98D

Eastwood Jonathan P., Bale Stuart D., Krucker Sam, Lin R. P., Bougeret Jean-Louis, Maksimovic Milan, Goetz Keith, Kaiser Michael L. Properties Of A Type III Storm Associated With Active Region 10923 Observed By The STEREO/WAVES Radio Receiver. In American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts. 2007, vol. 210.
Référence ADS : 2007AAS...210.2808E

Ehrenfreund Pascale, Foing Bernard H., Veillet Christian, Wooden Diane H., Gurvits Leonid I., Cook A. C., Koschny Detlef, Biver Nicolas, Buckley D., Ortiz José Luiz, Di Martino Mario, Dantowitz R. F., Cooke B., Reddy V., Wood M., Vennes S., Albert Loïc, Sugita S., Kasuga Toshihiro, Meech Karen J. SMART-1 Impact Ground-based Campaign. In Lunar and Planetary Institute Conference Abstracts. 2007, vol. 38, pp. 2446.
Référence ADS : 2007LPI....38.2446E

Filacchione Gianrico, Capaccioni Fabrizio, Tosi Federico, Coradini Angioletta, Cerroni Priscilla, Adriani Alberto, McCord Thomas B., Baines Kevin H., Bellucci Giancarlo, Brown Robert H., Bibring J., Buratti B. J., Clark Roger N., Combes Michel, Cruikshank Dale P., Formisano Vittorio, Jaumann Ralf, Langevin Y. G., Matson Dennis L., Mennella Vito, Nelson Robert M., Nicholson Philip D., Sicardy Bruno, Sotin Christophe. VIS-NIR Spectrophotometric Study of the Saturnian icy Satellites by Cassini-VIMS. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2007, vol. 12, pp. 08.
Référence ADS : 2007AGUFM.P12B..08F

Fischer Georg, Zarka Philippe, Kurth William S., Gurnett Donald A., Kaiser Michael L. Properties of Saturn's ionosphere derived from radio wave measurements of atmospheric lightning. In . Geophysical Research Abstracts, 2007, 04624, vol. 9.

Fischer Georg, Gurnett Donald A., Kurth William S., Farrell William M., Kaiser Michael L., Zarka Philippe, Lecacheux Alain, Et al . Lightning in the Saturnian system. In AGU Fall meeting, 2007, San Francisco. 2007.

Folsom C. F., Wade Gregg, Hanes David A., Catala Claude, Alecian Evelyne, Bagnulo Stefano, Böhm T., Bouret J.-C., Donati Jean-François, Landstreet John D. Investigating the pre-main sequence magnetic chemically peculiar system HD 72106. In Physics of Magnetic Stars. 2007, pp. 189-196.
Référence ADS : 2007pms..conf..189F