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Wednesday 19 December 2018

LESIA has 10 cleanrooms available allocated over 250m², of cleanliness levels from ISO 5 to ISO 8 (of which 2 can be made sterile for Planetary Protection)

BuildingNameCleanliness levelEquipmentSurface
15 ARIANE ISO 5 / ISO 7 Thermal vacuum chamber for space simulations SimEnOm 55m²
15 VEGA ISO 5 / ISO 7 Integration room for nanosats of the space hub C²ERES 30m²
16 DISCOVERY ISO 7 Storage of electronic components for space flight + workstations for electronic wiring 25m²
17 ATLAS ISO 5 / ISO 7 Optical benches 31m²
17 SOYOUZ ISO 6 Infrared (1-5 µm) optical bench YACADIR€ @60K 20m²
17 DRAGON ISO 5 Integration bench for detectors and optics 20m²
18 DELTA ISO 6 THD bench + FT-IR optical bench Model AGILENT 660 40m²
18 TITAN ISO 6 PERSEE IR-bench, thermal vacuum bench OBAMA 40m²
18 CONCORDE ISO 7 Optical bench, binoculars coupled to photo camera model : NIKON Eclipse L150 15m²
18 PROTON ISO 8 Optical bench SESAME, integration activities for ground segment instruments and R&D (adaptive optics) 60m²