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Extrasolar planetary systems with the SOPHIE spectrograph at OHP

lundi 9 mars 2020, par Guillaume HĂ©brard (IAP)

Jeudi 12 mars 2020 à 16h00 , Lieu : Salle de confĂ©rence du bâtiment 17

The radial velocity method constitues a powerful technique to search and characterize exoplanetary systems. It allowed the first exoplanets to be detected and continues providing numerous results in that field. SOPHIE, the stabilized spectrograph of the 1.93-m telescope at Observatoire de Haute-Provence, is employed to perform radial velocity surveys in different stellar samples, and to follow candidates of space- and ground-based photometric surveys for transiting planets. Those programs yield new detections, characterizations, and statistics in the planetary populations. I will present the SOPHIE instrument and programs, and review some of their latest results.