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Presentation of the new journal "Nature Astronomy"

jeudi 30 juin 2016, par Luca Maltagliati (Associate Editor for Nature Astronomy, London)

Vendredi 1er juillet 2016 à 16h00 , Lieu : Salle de confĂ©rence du bâtiment 17

Nature Astronomy is a new member of the Nature family set for launch in January next year. It will be the main Nature journal dedicated to the field and therefore aims to publish the most significant advances (of observational, theoretical, computational, methodological or technological nature) in astronomy, astrophysics and planetary science. As recently hired associate editor for Nature Astronomy, I will give a (relatively brief) presentation of the journal, its purpose and structure, how it fits within the current landscape of available journals. I will also include basic information on "how to publish in Nature". The main purpose of the seminar is to get questions (of any kind !) and to give an "inside view" of the editorial process within Nature. Nature Astronomy is in its early stages and the editorial team (including myself) has just started working, so any kind of input from its target audience is more than welcome and can shape the scope of the journal.