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The entourage of the Galactic Black Hole : a jet, a chimney, and a rope

jeudi 20 juin 2019, par Mark Morris (UCLA Galactic Center group, USA)

Vendredi 21 juin 2019 à 14h00 , Lieu : Salle 204 du bâtiment 18

Although its mass is rather modest by the standards of supermassive black holes found in the centers of galaxies, the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, weighing in at 4 million solar masses, manifests itself in a variety of ways in terms of its effect on its environment. In this talk, I will describe the strengthening X-ray evidence for the presence of a jet on the scale of a parsec as well as X-ray evidence for exhaust vents on scales of hundreds of parsecs that are candidates for carrying energetic particles out to the gigantic gamma-ray emitting Fermi Bubble straddling the Galactic plane. Closer to the black hole, I’ll show recent observations with the SOFIA Observatory of the highly ordered magnetic field in the central few parsecs, and with the VLA of a magnetic filament — a synchrotron-illuminated flux rope — that appears to emanate from the black hole.