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GriF commands/files

mercredi 12 novembre 2008

– "fp" command : to execute a scan

fp -bcv BCVi BCVf -nstep n (n is the number of steps of the scan)

fp -bcv BCVi BCVf -step step (step is the step width of the scan)

fp -wave Wi Wf -nstep n

fp -wave Wi Wf -step step

fp -wave Wc -1 -nstep n (to make a n-step scan around the value Wc, with a step size set by setgrsampling)

fp -lamb Wc (to make an image at the Wc wavelength)

– "setcalib" command : to adjust the wavelength calibration

setcalib lambda BCV

– "setparal" command : to adjust the parallelism of the FP

setparal BCVX BCVY

– "setgrsampling" command : to adjust the default step size of a scan

setgrsampling stepsize

– "grifin" command : to set the approriate focus filter values when the FP is in the beam (cannot be typed in Xterm with a bash shell)


– "grifout" command : to set the appropriate focus filter values when the FP is out of the beam (cannot be typed in Xterm with a bash shell)


– "grifsetup" command : to set the desired setup of the Gumball lamps

grifsetup cont (to light on all the continuum lamps) grifsetup argon (to light on all the argon lamps) grifsetup neon (to light on all the neon lamps, if any) grifsetup krypton (to light on all krypton lamps, if any) grifsetup clean (to light off all lamps) grifsetup object (to be execute before making a scan on an object)

– "/h/grif/.,grifh.par" file : in this file are stored the values selected by the aforementioned commands (setcalib, setparal, setgrsampling, grifin/out, grifsetup)

– "griffp" command : to send BCV to the CS 100 or reset the iotechs

griffp -z BCVZ (set BCVZ on the Z channel) griffp –xy BCVX BCVY (set BCVX on the X channel and BCVY on the Y channel) griffp -i (reset the iotechs) griffp -r (reset the iotechs)