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Cassini at Jupiter : radio emissions and magnetospheric dynamics

mercredi 29 septembre 2021, par Philippe Zarka (LESIA)

Vendredi 1er octobre 2021 à 11h00 , Lieu : En visioconfĂ©rence avec Zoom

This seminar deals with the results obtained with Cassini’s radio instrument (built in LESIA - actually DESPA) during the Jupiter fly-by of 2000-2001. First I will briefly recall the flux calibration of the data and the results on Jupiter’s radio components, their spectrum, power and and beaming obtained and published in 2004. Then I will focus on new results just accepted in the JGR, obtained from the same data but including also this time the polarization information. These results concern the physical relationship between auroral radio components, the localization of their source in Jupiter’s magnetosphere, and the relative control of their variations by the planetary rotation and by the solar wind. With this work, we have tried (and hopefully succeeded) to reduce the entropy of the complex Jovian radio zoo. The next stepinvolves modeling via the ExPRES code developed in LESIA. Our results provide a frame to interpret the present radio observations by Juno and the future ones by JUICE, and a firmer ground to extrapolate our understanding of the Jovian magnetosphere to astrophysical systems (exoplanets).