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The Keck Planet Imager and Characterizer capabilities : Imaging Exoplanets and the Galactic Center

mardi 19 octobre 2021, par Jacques-Robert Delorme (AO Scientist - Keck)

Jeudi 28 octobre 2021 à 16h00

The Keck Planet Imager and Characterizer (KPIC) is a purpose-built instrument to demonstrate technological and instrumental concepts initially developed for the exoplanet direct imaging field. Located downstream of the current Keck II adaptive optic (AO) system, KPIC consists of multiple upgrades : new coronagraphs for NIRC2, an infrared Pyramid wavefront sensor and a fiber injection unit (FIU) capable of combining the high-contrast imaging capability of the AOs system with the high dispersion spectroscopy capability of the current Keck high resolution infrared spectrograph (NIRSPEC). Deployed at Keck in September 2018, this instrument has already been used to image and acquire high-resolution spectra (R > 30,000) of multiple targets of interest. In the near term, it will be used to spectrally characterize known directly imaged exoplanets and low-mass brown dwarf companions visible in the northern hemisphere with a spectral resolution high enough to enable spin and planetary radial velocity measurements as well as Doppler imaging of atmospheric weather phenomena. In this presentation, I will present the new capabilities offered by KPIC as well as some of its first science results.