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Controversies in the heart of NGC 1068

mardi 19 avril 2022, par Pierre Vermot (Czech Academy of Sciences)

Jeudi 21 avril 2022 à 16h00 , Lieu : Salle de rĂ©union du bâtiment 16 et visioconfĂ©rence

NGC 1068 is the archetype of Seyfert 2 galaxies, and more globally, one of the most observed AGN in the sky. Hence, its observation is of crucial importance for the overall understanding of AGN physics.

Recently, two observations with the VLTI instruments -GRAVITY and MATISSE- allowed to resolve the bright central infrared source at the heart of the AGN with unprecedented details. However, the interpretation of interferometric data is not straightforward, and the results presented in the three papers published so far are inconsistent with each other, especially regarding the nature and geometry of the source.

I will introduce the topic, present the different interpretations and their inconsistencies, and suggest possible methods to solve this tension.